The Yil Lull Ensemble

Jessie Lloyd & the Yil Lull Ensemble In partnership with the Victorian College of the Arts, Jessie Lloyd has been teaching and mentoring third year music students and has developed an effervescent ensemble that performs tropical and Hawaiian style music from Northern Australia and the Pacific, also singing in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages. A branch off project from… Read more →


Mission Songs Project

  The Mission Songs Project is an initiative to research and present a collection of Indigenous songs that were composed and performed from 1900 to 1999. Focusing on songs from the Christian missions, Aboriginal reserves and the fringes of township were Indigenous people were relocated. These songs, some largely hidden from the outside world until now offer a unique window… Read more →

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Ulumbarra – Soup Angels commission

Looking forward to working on the Ulumbarra show in Bendigo with David Bridie, will be composing a song about Henry and Maggie Nelson who were called the Soup Angels during the influenza epidemic. They would take soup in a 4 gallon tin to those who were sick at Cummeragunga. Performance in Bendigo on April the 17th 2015. Read more →

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Jessie Lloyd – New Music Video

So proud to release my first ever music video featuring members of my wonderful Skin Choir. Filming this was great fun as we did it as a one take clip, going in slow motion and matching the lips was a cool trick too. Film Credits: Written and directed by Jessie Lloyd Filmed by Tim Rebbechi and Mustard Media Cameo’s by… Read more →