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Originally from the tropics of north Queensland, Jessie Lloyd is an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander musician who performs a broad collection of Indigenous songs. Heralding from a musical family, Jessie earned her formal qualifications at Abmusic in Perth in 2002 and has since dedicated her career to Australian Indigenous music and its progress.

An award winning composer, performer and creative entrepreneur, Jessie is a cultural practitioner of Indigenous music and song. Working across the nation, she has collaborated with multiple high profile artists and produced acts such as Djiva, Madjital Moorna Choir, Sunshine Sisters, Koorie Tiddas Youth Choir and Skin Choir.

As an independent artist, Jessie released her debut EP ‘Other Side of the Room’ in 2014. Her vocals are smooth, with a depth that conveys the strength and universal resonance of her lyrics. Jessie’s extensive music ability comes across subtly in her work, showcasing a creative flare influenced by her experiences, discipline and natural talent.

Dedicated to the continuation of cultural practice through the presentation of both traditional and contemporary Indigenous music, Jessie has a broad experience in Indigenous music business. She has built organisations such as Songlines Aboriginal Music in Melbourne and South West Aboriginal Entertainment in Perth. Jessie also co produced the live music show Chocolate Martini TV Series now showing on ‘Volumz’ NITV.

Jessie Lloyd is currently based in Melbourne, VIC.