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About Jessie:

A performer, producer, and creative entrepreneur, Jessie Lloyd is a Songkeeper of Australian Indigenous music who is dedicated to the continuation of song traditions through the presentation of stories and songs. Her mission is to produce, perform and progress Australian Indigenous music through innovative concepts, collaborative projects, and cultural practice. Maintaining an authenticity that contributes to the rich diversity of Australian arts and its audiences, and working towards positive and progressive social opportunities, values and attitudes.

Biography Short: (50 words)

Jessie Lloyd performs historical Australian Indigenous songs from the early to the mid 20th century. Lloyd engages through intimate storytelling, moving melodies, and historical insights. Using humour and truth to share the voices of elders, as they would around a kitchen table or warm campfire.

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Jessie Lloyd is a Songkeeper. An Australia Aboriginal singer, social historian and cultural practitioner of Indigenous song and founder of her award-winning Mission Songs Project. As a cultural ambassador, Lloyd takes audiences on a profoundly-moving musical journey into the depths and diversity of Australia’s history, culture and identity.

Jessie’s work continues the songlines of Aboriginal Australian, a body of traditional songs that carries the 60,000-year history of the world’s oldest living culture. She engages her audiences through intimate storytelling, moving harmonies and historical insights, using her humour and truth to share the voices of her elders, just as they would around a warm campfire or kitchen table.

Hailing from a musical family, Jessie’s father Joe Geia is a pioneer of Aboriginal protest songs and composed the Aboriginal anthem ‘Yil Lull’. Her grandfather Albie Geia was conductor of the Palm Island Brass Band and leader of the historic 1957 Palm Island Strike. Jessie has dedicated her musical career to maintaining the intergenerational song traditions of Indigenous music, using her unique methodology to continue these songlines into modern music and the arts sector. She is also a mother and partner, and is currently based in Brisbane, Australia.


“The Australian Newspaper”

“…profoundly moving… the entire collection is sublime.”—4.5 stars – Stephen Fitspatrick

“Fairfax Media”

“Islander rhythms, campfire country and defiant humour celebrate simple joys. Melancholy ballads chart a journey of blood, sweat and tears… you’ll almost hear the kettle boil as a closing home recording of the elders invites us to sit down with these unsung survivors.”—4.5 stars – Chris Lambie


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