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About Jessie Lloyd

Originally from the tropics of North Queensland, Jessie Lloyd is an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander musician who performs a broad collection of Australian Indigenous songs. A vocalist, guitarist, bassist and ukulele player, Jessie earned her formal qualifications at Abmusic in Perth, WA in 2002. Heralding from a musical family, her grandfather Albie Geia was the conductor of the Palm Island Brass Band and her father, Joe Geia, is considered a pioneer of contemporary Indigenous music and composer of the Aboriginal National Anthem ‘Yil Lull’.

A musician, producer and creative entrepreneur, Jessie Lloyd is a cultural practitioner of Indigenous music and is dedicated to the continuation of song traditions. Her mission is to produce, perform and progress Australian Indigenous music through innovative concepts, collaborative projects and cultural practice. Maintaining an authenticity that contributes to the rich diversity of Australian arts and its audiences, and working towards positive and progressive social opportunities, values and attitudes.

Dedicated to the continuation of cultural practice through the production of both traditional and contemporary Indigenous music, Jessie has a broad experience in Indigenous music business and sector development. Jessie was previously CEO of Songlines Aboriginal Music in Melbourne and South West Aboriginal Entertainment in Perth. She has produced various projects, performances, albums and a music TV series for NITV. Plus undertaken multiple Artistic and Music Director roles over the course of her career.

Jessie Lloyd is currently based in Melbourne and Brisbane, and working on her new Ailan Songs Project.