Other Side of the Room EP launch

After many years this has finally emerged. Its not the 8-10 tracks I was originally aiming for but it will do for now. I secretly launched this baby on my birthday the 9th of July 2014 (always during NAIDOC week) at a gig I was holding called the Songlines NAIDOC Jam. Big thanks to everyone who played on the night!

Other Side of the Room EP COVER


  1. Other Side of the Room (feat. Deline Briscoe)
  2. Our Souls
  3. Like a Wave

Album credits:

Recorded at Living music and Haus Bilas Studios, Melbourne

Produced by Jessie Lloyd with production credits to David Bridie, Andrew McSweeney and Tom Hutchens

All songs composed by Jessie Lloyd except track 1. which features lyrical contribution by Deline Briscoe

Backing vocals by Jessie Lloyd, Deline Briscoe and Carly Sheppard

Bass by Owen Downey and Andrew McSweeney

Engineered by Andrew McSweeney and Tom Hutchens

Mixed by Tom Hutchens at Haus Bilas Studios, Melbourne

Mastered by Greg O’Shea ta Sing Sing Recording Studios, Melbourne

Photography by James Henry and Stephen Rhall

Aboriginal artwork by Joe Geia

© Jessie Lloyd 2014


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